Good for your hair

Coiffure Naturel resolutely selects the natural haircare products designed by the Australian Kevin Murphy, who is particularly well known as a session stylist. His products create strong hair and have a long-lasting effect. Restoring vitamins and amino acids strengthens the outer surface of your hair, making it stronger and reducing the formation of split ends. The products also contain antioxidants (for healthy hair that is full of life), sulphate-free surfactants (for a natural cleaning action), enzymes, essential oils, proteins and pure, bacteria-free water.


Good for your colouring

Our colour technology is COLOR.ME by Kevin Murphy. COLOR.ME is a hair colouring agent based on honey and pomegranate, free of corrosive ammonia and free of the colorant p-phenylenediamine (PPD). Because there is no ammonia in the products, no one in our salon breathes in harmful vapours. And the absence of PPD means we also avoid the risk of scalp irritations and allergic reactions. Which natural ingredients are in COLOR.ME? Shea butter, rosehips, coconut oil, aloe vera, panthenol, sweet almond oil and grape seed oil. The water used in COLOR.ME is purified and distilled before it is used.


Good for the environment

All products from Kevin Murphy are packed in recyclable, biodegradable materials. The products themselves are made with natural ingredients taken from inexhaustible sources, using harvesting techniques that do not harm the environment. The square shapes of the products have been designed to accommodate more volume and use 40% less plastic. The containers themselves also take up less space for storage and transport. Finally, a word about COLOR.ME colours: at Kevin Murphy, the used water is passed through a water purification system. In fact, the water discharged from the production process is more pure than it was in the first place and is released into a river. 


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