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Natural products with a focus on

At Coiffure Naturel we only use natural products. Chemicals have no place here. Which is why we play the ‘green’ card of Kevin Murphy and O'right. Because sustainability is good for our planet and your hair.


Good for your hair

Coiffure Naturel in Mechelen has consciously chosen to use natural hair care products created by the Australian Kevin Murphy, best known as a session stylist. His products ensure robust hair for the long term. Vitamins and amino acids repair the outer layer of your hair, strengthen it and reduce the formation of split ends. Kevin Murphy products contain anti-oxidants (for healthy and lively hair), sulphate-free surfactants (for a natural cleansing), enzymes, essential oils, proteins and pure, bacteria-free water.


Good for your colour

Our colour technology is COLOR.ME by Kevin Murphy. COLOR.ME is a hair colour based on honey and pomegranate, without corrosive ammonia and without p-phenylenediamine dye (PPD). Because we don’t use ammonia in our salon, nobody has to inhale harmful vapours. And because we don’t use PPD, nobody has to suffer skin irritation or allergic reactions. Which natural ingredients does COLOR.ME contain? Shea butter, rosehip, coconut oil, aloe vera, panthenol, sweet almond oil and grapeseed oil. In addition to all that good news, the water in COLOR.ME is purified and distilled before use.


Good for the planet

All Kevin Murphy products are packaged in recyclable and biodegradable materials. The products themselves are composed of natural ingredients from inexhaustible sources, harvested without harm to the environment. The rectangular shape of the products was designed to contain a greater volume and use 40% less plastic. They take up less room in storage and transport. Finally, with regard to COLOR.ME product colours: the contaminated water at Kevin Murphy is purified by a water purification installation. It is then returned to a river, purer than it was originally.


Greenest shampoo in the world

The O in the logo of O'right refers to the Earth’s shape. O'right is all about a greener world. The shampoos of this brand are completely plant-based. That means: no environmental hormones, no parabens, no formaldehyde, no colourants, no phthalates, no surfactant sulphates, no thickening agents, no ethylene oxide derivatives. That’s what makes O'right the leading brand of bioproducts for hair care in the world and one of the few manufacturers using green R&D equipment, green production and an incredibly planet-friendly team. From green purchasing of materials to waste recycling, O'right is committed to making a substantial contribution to ecological sustainability.


Greenest production in the world

O'right wants to conduct business in a way that is good for the Earth. That’s why their production is natural, pure and nature-friendly. In Taiwan O'right makes its hair care products in a building equipped with systems that produce solar and wind energy for production purposes. Thanks to a system for cooling the used water, the production process is completely energy-conscious with a low carbon footprint. In addition, the shampoos are produced with x3 recycled water: rainwater, filtered water from the pre-production process and filtered post-production water. The building complies with 7 ‘Green Building’ indicators: greening, water conservation, energy efficiency, CO2 reduction, indoor air quality, water origin and improvement of effluent and waste processing.


Greenest packaging in the world

O'right has acquired a whole range of certificates and awards for sustainability. For example, the cardboard packing boxes are made from handmade seed paper. In other words, if you bury the paper in the ground, after a while plants will sprout from it. And what about the caps on the O'right shampoo bottles? They’re made from bamboo, which means you get 35% more oxygen in the bottle. That’s pure vegan style! Bamboo is also the fastest growing plant on earth, up to 120 cm in one day. In just four years, the bamboo plant is fully grown. So, bamboo forests will never be endangered. Bamboo harvesting is even good for the crop. And one more detail: there are seeds in the bottom of the 100% degradable bottles. Go plant a bottle!

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