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Innovation and tradition in one cut

Qualified hairdressers and specialists in hair colouring,
you’ll find us here at Coiffure Naturel. 
Our innovation builds on tradition
and stays … in the family.
Regularly works backstage as a stylist at events such as Tomorrowland, Miss Exclusive and Miss Eccentric. She specialises in cutting and colouring techniques. London is like a second home to her, because she goes there frequently for additional training for everything to do with hairdressing. With her experience as an educator and sales manager in a big company in the hairdressing world, she knows all the latest tricks & trends.
Manon instantly knows the structure of your hair – like nobody else. She instantly knows what kind of treatment and products are best for you.
Has been in the business for decades and cutting hair is in her DNA. She’s so good that hairdressing colleges frequently ask her to be a member of their jury. Ann is continuously fine-tuning her knowledge of hairdressing with courses about the latest trends and colouring techniques.
Specialises in hair colourings, with a southern flair. Picasso and Dali would be green with envy!
Coiffure Naturel is in fact well known because of his colour treatments. It’s rare to find that sort of wide-ranging knowledge about the different colouring methods in one salon.
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